Hosted PBX

Callmart offers a truly unique product, the most affordable, feature rich hosted PBX service available! You owe it to your business to find out more- Call now and get a Free 7 day Trial. 1-877-571-1083

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SIP Trunking

Still paying for telephone company business lines? Call us today to find out how we can make your business more accessible, professional AND save money! You won’t BELIEVE you didn’t do this years ago. 1.877.571.1083

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Road Warrior

Your business is done on the road, NOT in an office!! Missed Calls? – Take your business to the next level with one of our Road Warrior packages, Call today and get a free 7 day trial!! 1-877-571-1083

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PBXact Powered by Asterisk Perfected by Sangoma

If you’re considering migrating to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) IP PBX and a Unified Communications platform You need to consider Sangoma PBXact from Sangoma.

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Hosted PBX Canada

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX from Callmart provides your business with an enterprise grade PBX without having to purchase costly premised based equipment and the maintenance upkeep associated with a PBX

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is rapidly replacing traditional telephone lines because of their cost, functionality and voice quality. SIP Trunks can be added to a phone system in

Road Warrior

Take your business to the next Level with our Road Warrior packages, designed to give you an edge over your competition by providing you the tools to be  more productive and professional. 

Sangoma PBXact

The PBXact UC phone system is designed for organizations needing a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications turnkey solution. PBXact has features and functions integrated into the most popular phones .

We have been using Callmart provided SIP trunks at our office for almost a year. They offer great rates and the quality of service is top notch. The setup was painless and we have had absolutely no issues ever since. I would recommend Callmart without a doubt  to any business shopping for SIP trunks.

Ataf Dasurkar

Manager IT, Grasshopper Solar

Canadian Toll Free Number

Canadian Toll-Free Number Looking for a Canadian Toll-Free Number for Your business? Toll-free numbers provide a great service to your customer and potential customers by giving them an easy and free way of reaching out to you. Callmart offers great rates, excellent quality and packages that will suit any business requirements. Packages start at 2.50/month so providing great service to your customers is unbelievably affordable. We have 1-800 numbers is stock- this a chance to get an original Toll Free Number Can be forwarded to an existing number- no phone system required Vanity Numbers Available Voicemail with free email delivery available Internet fax – send and receive available Advanced call forwarding Flexible call routing available (sequential or simultaneous) Usage reports Contact directory Click here to see all of our great... read more

Free Phone System

Set up a Free Phone System Set up a Free Phone system a UC IP PBX system , this is a fully featured IP PBX  that is used by millions of businesses around the world, this is something that all major telephone manufacturers never mention and never  shown in those PIE charts depicting market share that would be bad for business. FreePBX is the world’s most trusted open source platform for building the PBX of your dreams. At its core, it is an open source web-based graphical user and configuration file writer that empowers companies that use Asterisk® PBX software to save time—making writing your own dial plans and configuration files much easier and letting you focus on other aspects of setup of your VoIP communications system. From its initial introduction in 2004, when it contained only four database tables of configuration files for Asterisk, FreePBX has grown to encompass more than 219,000 lines of code and hundreds of tables. The FreePBX project now provides an entire open source platform and communications ecosystem that can not only ease installation by providing configuration files for Asterisk but also provide support and ongoing updates to the entire system. Its ability to work in the cloud or on-site lets you maximize flexibility while providing you the ideal PBX solution. With millions of production systems worldwide and 20,000 new systems a month installed, the FreePBX community continues to out-perform the industry’s commercial efforts. Sangoma is proud to be the Sponsor of FreePBX and the FreePBX.org project. If you are new to FreePBX you can get started quickly by downloading and installing the FreePBX Distro. The FreePBX Distro is... read more

A Case Study-SIP Trunking

Grasshopper Solar, one Canada’s leading Commercial and  Residential solar power, sales, installation and service companies is in a continual growth phase. Campaigns marketing their Solar Panel Programs were done using Canada Post Unaddressed mail, website optimization other forms of marketing. The Problem: marketing campaigns would drastically increase the number of both inbound and outbound calls for a number of weeks after the launch of the campaign. They were paying for the lines they required during these spikes, and then they would sit idle  until the next campaign started. The Solution: they went with Callmart’s  low-cost FlexPlan  metered sip trunks  that  provide unlimited call channels when required, this allowed  for all the channels or concurrent calls they needed during spikes, and during slow period they didn’t have to pay for idle lines. Metered lines only charge for the minutes  a company uses and not for the availability of those lines. The results for Grasshopper Solar- thousand of dollars in savings annually. If you would like to find out more, please fill in the form below. Your Name:*Phone: Area Code - Phone Number E-mail:*Your... read more

What is Unified Communications

What is UC and what is all the hype about?? Every VoIP telephone manufacturer, every hosted PBX provider all have one thing in common-creating a lot of hype about UC ( Unified Communications) Is All the Hype have any merit, well as a matter of fact it does. We’re going to present some of the useful and time-saving features that Unified Communications will bring to your company. One the most useful features of UC is Unified Messaging, which brings all your messages, voicemail, email, text and fax into a single inbox, for example voice mail left on the company phone systems will be emailed to your inbox in a WAV format. Another great feature is integration of softphones on smartphones and laptops, with can mirror your office extension so you can get your calls on all your device, eliminating or greatly reducing missed calls and telephone tag, Presence and Instant Messaging allow people on the same system to see if you are on the phone, in meeting or available to take telephone calls, and can send you and instant message when you are on the phone. UC phone system usually provides each user with their own conference bridge, allowing instant setup of conference calls. This is just a small sampling of what UC can bring to the table, all of which increases productivity and improves customer relationships. Unified Communications offer the following features: Voicemail to email fax to email text to email Intra-company Instant messaging Presence Multiple devices with the same extension Ask And Answered If you have a question please ask it the form below, we promise we... read more

Hosted PBX Plans

Hosted PBX Plans-Which one is right for me? Trying to figure out the various  hosted PBX plans and providers seem like an insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. Usual questions are what features are included, how long is the contract, what if I want to cancel, what is extra etc. There are two types hosted PBX plans for the most part: Services that charge by the extension or a per user and usually include calling within Canada and the USA, each user has a Direct Inward Dial Number and each user can be on a line at the same time (non-blocking). This is ideal for call centers because of the volumes of calls made or received or companies that are telephone-intensive. Services that charge by the number of lines you require, you would decide on the number of lines and the extensions required and would service usually includes calling within Canada and the USA, Direct Inward Dial numbers for each user are optional ( low cost around $2.00/DID) This type of service is ideal for most business with normal calling volumes and is typically much less affordable. Once you have decided on the type of service its time to compare features and pricing. Start out by making a list of must-have features like auto attendant, conference calling, IVR, things that you must have. Then look at some of the providers and the features they provide and make a list of the ” nice to have” features and compare them with all the providers you are considering, now compare the month costs, contract or not cancellation clauses and penalties etc. Once you have a very... read more

Forward Follow Me

Forward Follow Me – what is it? Forward follow me is  a PBX feature that allows users of a Hosted PBX Service or IP PBX to have calls to their extension sent to multiple devices. Calls can be sent to  desk Phone, a cellular number or another extension or extensions, allowing for calls to find a user regardless of where they may be.. Forward Follow me does not work as the name would imply, but rather is a function that is unique  to VoIP telephone servers is a lot more flexible than legacy systems that merely forward calls. When multiple devices or numbers are specified as destinations for forward follow me- the incoming call is actually sent to multiple destinations or forked to multiple destinations at the same time or sent sequence. The Forward follow me feature is is one the most useful and, therefore, one of the most popular features available. Forward follow me has many practical applications, for example, a person leaving their office can have calls forwarded to his or her cell phone while appearing to in the office. The ability access this feature remotely allows users to add, delete to or change destinations on the fly. You Can: Forward Calls to internal extensions Forward calls to external numbers Forward calls to multiple internal and or external numbers Calls can be forwarded to all destinations simultaneously Calls can be forwarded in sequence to all destinations until someone answers   Asked and Answered If you have a question regarding anything VoIP please submit your request below, we guarantee we will answer you question within 24 hours- No Obligation of course.... read more

What is SIP

We found the best answer to What is SIP on Wikipedia So What is SIP? The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions. The most common applications of SIP are in Internet telephony for voice and video calls, as well as instant messaging all over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The protocol defines the messages that are sent between endpoints, which govern establishment, termination and other essential elements of a call. SIP can be used for creating, modifying and terminating sessions consisting of one or several media streams. SIP is an application-layer protocol designed to be independent of the underlying transport layer. It is a text-based protocol, incorporating many elements of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) SIP works in conjunction with several other application layer protocols that identify and carry the session media. Media identification and negotiation is achieved with the Session Description Protocol (SDP). For the transmission of media streams (voice, video) SIP typically employs the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) or Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP). For secure transmissions of SIP messages, the protocol may be encrypted with Transport Layer Security... read more

SIP Trunks Canada

SIP Trunks Canada Never let your customers get a busy signal again!! with SIP Trunks this is not only possible but will save your business 40-60% on what your are currently paying for your Telco business lines. There are two types of SIP trunks available and depending on your business needs and calling patterns, and this will determine what type of SIP trunks will work best for you. The first type of SIP trunk is sold by the channel, which means you decide how many concurrent calls you require for your business or the total numbers of lines in use at any given time for both inbound and outbound calls. Flat rate sip trunks are usually priced by the channel and most providers will include either  local calling, Canada Calling or Canada and USA calling in the price per channel. The second type of SIP trunk are Metered or pay per call with rates varying from 1.5 cents to 4.0 cents per minute for both Canada and USA calling are usually billed in 6-second increments. Metered SIP trunks have no pre-set concurrent call limit and vary by provider from 5, 10 to unlimited concurrent calls. These types of trunks are ideal for most SMB’s with normal calling volumes and for businesses that call volumes vary from season to season- you only pay for what you use so during slow periods you don’t have to pay for lines that you don’t use. Choosing the right type of plan can be very confusing, so if you have any question please ask it using the form below and we guarantee an answer in 24 hours- and... read more

Ultimate Small Business Telephone Solution

Hosted PBX-The Ultimate Small Business Telephone Solution from Callmart Telecommunications. We have taken the best of Hosted PBX services, premised based small business telephone solutions, SIP Trunks and the Reliability of Bell Canada business lines- all rolled up into “The Ultimate Small Business Telephone Solution”. Hosted PBX is great but we all know the issues that can affect the reliability of hosted PBX services, plus despite most of the other guys claim it gets expensive over time. Installing a tradition small business telephone system requires the purchase of expensive premise-based equipment, multiple and expensive Bell Canada business lines, not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs and software upgrades. SIP trunking is extremely affordable, offers great functionality and voice quality but is subject the same issues as Hosted PBX services,  what happens when the internet fails? Introducing the Callmart Hybrid telephone solution: All the advantages of a Hosted PBX Service The affordability and quality of SIP trunks The option of adding Bell Canada Lines Callmart Gateway that provides phone service even the internet is not working one solution. one bill. one... read more

The Mobile Office

Take your office on the road- the mobile office, never miss a call! No Hardware, no software, no maintenance contracts. The Road Warrior package puts you in control of your phone system. We provide you with a phone number, the ability to record your own greetings, extensions and voicemail …all in the cloud. Once you have your number( you can keep your existing number if you have one) You record you main greeting- the one customers will here when they call you, you set you your extensions, and when a customer dials the extension the call is sent to any number you wish- a cell phone, home phone number, if you don;t answer the call it is sent to your personal voicemail. The voice mail is then emailed to you in a WAV format so you can listen to your voice mail when it is convenient. The Mobile Office-see how it works  ... read more

Small Business VoIP Telephone System

VoIP telephone systems have made it much easier for small business to take advantage of services and features that used to be only available to larger businesses. A small business has many choices when looking for a business telephones system, includes affordable premised based systems like the Grandstream UCM6104 VoIP pbx  system based on the open source asterisk systems, hosted PBX plans that offer the flexibility of being able to easily move from locations to location without the need to move the CPU  and re-install the system. There are SIP trunk providers that will provide your company with a toll-free, local number or both and a auto-attendant to answer your incoming calls, and forward them to your cell phones, land line or any number you choose. These services are ideal for small business  that are on the road, rather than in an office, theses services also provide voice mail should you not be able to answer your call and will forward that voice mail to your email in a WAV format. Choices Available: Premise-based IP PBX like the Grandstream UCM6104 Hosted PBX Providers SIP Trunk Providers with call handling capability... read more

Flat Rate Business Lines

Flat rate business lines allow business to know exactly what their phone bill will be each month. No Long Distance Charges! Business can call all of Canada and the USA without the worry of long distance charges that they would normally incur in when dealing with a telco. Flat Rate business lines are of particular interest to call centers, again providing the business a set monthly cost regardless of how long and where the calls were made. VoIP technology allows for the delivery and removal of business lines in hours, not days, allowing the ability to scale to business needs as they arrive. Flat rate lines are ideal for business that are heavy phones users and can be combined with metered business lines to provide backup when call volumes increase during busy times of the year.... read more